Sponsor water4life for 25 Euro!

Why sponsor Water4Life?

  • Over 1.1 billion people have no access to safe drinking water. That is about 1 out of 6.
  • 40% of the world population has no access to adequate sanitary facilities.
  • Because of lack of hygiene, sanitation and safe drinking water, diseases occur like cholera, typhoid and dysenteria.
  • Every day about 5000 children die as a consequence of consuming unsafe drinking water.

What does Water4Life do with your sponsored money?

Water4life helps the poorest of the poor on the following ways:

  • By offering water purifiers, deadly (childrens) diseases can be prevented.
  • During the training sessions of water4life not only safe drinking water is covered, but also the importance of sanitation. Thereby our activities have the best impact.
  • By learning local workshops how the water purifiers can be made, local economies are stimulated. With local NGO’s we set up a promotion programm to stimulate the sales of the water purifiers.

For every 25 euro we can produce 1 water purifier and train the users, the local craftsmen in workshops and the local NGO.

How does Water4Life do all that?

Water4Life searches for suitable local NGO’s to help us execute the project. Your money is used to start up the project based on 100% sponsorship. This means that the first series of water purifiers will be fully paid by Water4Life. As we do ask the users to invest some of their own money, there are revenues afterwards. These revenues can be used to produce the next series of water purifiers. Already during the production of the water purifiers, we organise the training sessions for the future users. Whenever possible we learn local people of the partner NGO to carry out these training sessions in their own local language.

Sponsor now!

Transfer 25 euro to bank account number:

NL86 RBRB 0695 455 117

Membrane Water for Life (this is the official name of Water4life)

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Other possibilities for sponsoring Water4Life

Besides sponsoring one or more water purifiers there are also various other possibilities to sponsor Water4Life. For both (small) private gifts as well as gifts from foundations, companies or other organisations there are ample options.

Get into contact for discussion of options with:

Alex Vrinzen

Phone: +31 610 124 105
or send an e-mail through the contact page.