What we do

The goal of Water4Life

Water4Life is a foundation that fights for the ability of poor people to provide safe drinking water to themselves. Water4Life does this by providing knowledge and experience and by teaching people how they can use simple techniques to create safe drinking water from available water sources. We mainly use so called ceramic filter candles to achieve this.

The mission of Water4Life

Water4Life aims to reach as many people as possible in the ‘bottom of the pyramid’. We provide people with an affordable option to provide safe drinking water to themselves. Therefore we produce the purifiers against lowest possible costs, but always with small entrepeneurs that can acquire a fair salary with it. Those who join our program are asked to make a small investment themselves, for instance in the form of the purchase of the first set of filter candles. Depending on local conditions we use this income for the benefit of the local population, e.g. by the expansion of the number of water purifiers. A steel waterpurifier will easily last 10 years and provides one familiy many years with safe drinking water. The user will have to replace the filter candles regularly.

The vision of Water4Life

Water4Life strives for a lasting/sustainable effect of the aid we provide. Therefore we concentrate on three activities: First we help local workshops to make good quality water filter housings.
Sedondly we stive to establish a local trading group that will either import filter candles of the required high quality or the group purchases the candles from a high quality local manufacturer. This trading group can subsequently also provide a lasting after sales of filter candles.
Third we give training to future users of the water purifiers to create awareness about the dangers of drinking unsafe water and the advantages of the use of the water purfifiers. Preferably we give our training to employees of local organisations so that they can spread the training even further.