Water4Life has developed a training with the objective to enlarge the awareness of the importance to use safe drinking water. The training has been set up as a so called training of trainers. This means that the participants of the course should at the end of the day be able to transfer the learned things to others. In this way the reach of the training will be much wider. The training covers the following topics:

  • daily problems encountered by users in relation to drinking water
  • the various sources of contamination of the water and other routes of infection with fecal bacteria
  • some simple and every day possibilities to prevent the infection with fecal bacteria
  • some common prevailing water related diseases in the particular region in which the course is held
  • technical functioning of the water purifier
  • correct usage of the water purifier

The training materials consist of:

  • pictures out of the concerned region by which, during the exercises, the topic under discussion can easily be related to the daily practice. The use of pictures (in stead of for instance drawings) has been appreciated by the participants and has shown to be effective.
  • powerpoint presentation for support. An alternative is always available in case of a (frequent) power cut.
  • demonstration of assembly, maintenance and use of the water purifiers
  • four A4 posters for the participants to take with them, showing the most important topics of the day by means of pictorials.
  • a manual in the local language in which also some explanatoin is contained about the technical functioning of the water purifier

The training materials are currently available in English and Tamil language.

Training Manual for Water4Life

Besides the existing training materials a manual for trainers is available. This manual is meant for everyone who wants to give training session(s) for Water4Life, or wants to set an own training about water purifers with ceramic filter candles.
This manual and possible other training materials are available on request through the contact page.