Great results in Niger

Aman Iman has executed a water purification units project in 2011-2012 in collaboration with Water4Life. The project has been carefully designed. Initially, a test set with 10 water purifiers were manufactured locally. After quality checks by Water4life the purification units were distributed to 10 families. The members of the family were medically checked for worms and diarrhea related diseases at the beginning of the test. Almost all members carried bacteria and worms related to poor quality of drinking water.

The water4life brochure has been translated into French and is given training in the use of the filter and the importance of good drinking water.

After a period of 6 months, the same medical checks were performed. The results of this study are at least striking. From the checked persons none carried diarrheal bacteria and worms anymore with him. A great and encouraging outcome.

After this test again 100 water purifiers were produced and distributed. The population is very positive and we are working on a structural implementation of production and distribution of water filters.

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