Nose Personal Protection Unit | 2020-2021

W4L (foundation Membrane Water forLife) and W&MA (Water & Minerals Advice) developed a simple and inexpensive copper nose clamp (the NPPU – Nose Personal Protection Unit-) that reduces Covid transmission and infection risk, especially as a reusable tool for the poorest in the world.

In addition to the mask, social distancing, handwashing, quarantine and a vaccine, the NPPU provides additional Covid transmission reduction and infection risk reduction, based on a new and additional transmission-reduction method to be used. Copper is used as an antibacterial and antiviral material, the activation of the innate immune cells in the nasal mucus and the reduction of the residence time of viruses and bacteria in the mucus in the nasal area. Intensive literature research, in all relevant areas including nutrients, physiology, immunology, microbiology, patents, toxicology and chemistry, have led to this development.

W4L is looking for partners with connections who want to use the NPPU in areas where the Covid infection risk is unacceptably high and has no opportunities to control this by vaccination in the coming years. Any form of cooperation is negotiable. In addition to demonstrating the transmission reduction of the NPPU, the self-protection and self-reliance of the people is our goal. W&MA is prepared to make the NPPU available for this purpose. See