Zambia Mpongwe District [Copperbelt Province] | 2009

Tim Welten is a student ‘Biological and Medical Lab research’ of the faculty Life Sciences of the Zuyd University.
In 2009 he conducted a study in Mpongwe district in Zambia to find out the usefullness and feasibility of implementation of the Water4Life water purifier in Mpongwe.

Summary of this study:

The foundation Water4life has developed a solution to the problem; a water purifier unit consisting of 2 buckets, with a set of filters in between to clear the water.

To implement such device research had to be conducted in 3 area’s:
– How bad is the quality in the Mpongwe district?
– What is the level of knowledge of people on the area of safe drink water?
– What are the possibilities for the production of the filters from Water4life on a local level?
Microbial analysis of water samples showed that the water in the Mpongwe district is heavily contaminated. Even the tapwater is not to be thrusted. However, with the use of the Water4life Gravity unit the water becomes safe to drink.

The people in the Mpongwe district are aware of the quality of the drinking water, and do acknowledge that the water is an important cause for many of the illnesses that do occur. All people asked where enthusiastic about the Water4life Gravity unit.

According to the Mpongwe Business Association there is enough craftsmanship present in Mpongwe to locally produce the ‘buckets’ of the Water4life Gravity unit. According to the MBA, the filtercandels, the hearth of the Water4life Gravity unit, should at first be imported, and in a later stage locally produced as well. The MBA stated that students from the Zuyd University, with the help of GCMF and Water4Life, would be more than welcome to help setting up a business plan.